Bloom Into You flower farm

Local - Fresh Chemical Free

Here at Bloom Into You Flower Farm, we do things the natural way. Insect and microbe-friendly biological inputs without the use of plastic sleeves.
Feel good knowing your flowers grown here are contributing to healing the planet.

Habitat Creation Projects

2% of profits are directly converted into continued native replanting and habitat creation projects here on our farm.
Direct action enabling fast results without administrative dilution.
More impactful results for less.

Research Collaboration

We love the data. Inspired by the future in Regen Ag and Ag-tech
we continuously seek to collaborate with research projects.
We aim to allow for regenerative processes to be developed and freely shared.

Regenerative Principles

We seed and grow our flowers with a strong intent for building climate resilience through our regenerative principles. Our focus is building our biodiversity, healthy soil biology & building humus. Humus sequesters (stores) carbon, helping the natural cooling effect of the planet.

Join us in making climate positive impacts with Flowers.

Enjoying Bloom Into You flowers increases everybody’s environmental impact in a positive measurable way.

Growing blooms for flower lovers across Victoria​

We grow our flowers with the seasons. Growing the smallest of seed into something so incredibly beautiful, generating greater health for our planet, whilst also bringing people joy, is so incredibly rewarding. Living among a bounty of flowers and growing them personally, for our wider community of humans, is a dream we have wholeheartedly invested in and is now our reality.

Nature Blooms so perfectly. It shows up being exactly what it is. It has been through all the really tough growth becoming visible. Not knowing perhaps exactly what it is. In the dark. Constantly striving for something...seeing the sun feeling the warmth from above the soil. Arriving. Living its absolute best life to its full potential. BLOOM INTO YOU. A flower may not even know what it is under all that soil. Until it Blooms. Let yourself live, let yourself be you.
Natasha Benefield
CO Founder Bloom Into You

Film & Photography

Secure, private and complete access to Bloom Into You Flower Farm.

Amazing spaces for your next project.

Educational Farm

Educational access and regenerative informative sessions for school and center based programs.

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